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2015 Cattle Raisers Convention Opening General Session

What does a secure border actually look like?

When confronted with the challenges of border security and illegal immigration, government officials are fond of saying that our borders have never been as safe and secure as they are now. But Texas ranchers fear for their lands, their cattle, their homes, and sometimes their lives due to the human- and drug-smuggling traffic that regularly crosses their property.

Who is right? What does a secure border actually look like? Is a secure border a realistic goal for the U.S.?

Author Sylvia Longmire examines all the aspects of the challenge — and thriving industry — of trying to keep terrorists, drug smugglers and illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.

She looks at on-the-ground issues and controversies like the border fence, the usefulness of technology, shifts in the connection between illegal immigration and drug smuggling and the potential for terrorists and drug cartels to work together.

Longmire is a retired Air Force captain and former Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. From December 2005 to July 2009, she worked as a senior intelligence analyst for the California state fusion center and the California Emergency Management Agency’s Situational Awareness Unit, focusing almost exclusively on Mexican drug trafficking organizations and southwest border violence issues.

Longmire’s writing is regularly featured in Homeland Security Today magazine’s “Borders & Intelligence” column. She has been interviewed extensively by national, international, local, and Internet news outlets, including “Geraldo at Large” on Fox News Channel, “John King USA” on CNN, “The Dylan Ratigan Show” on MSNBC, CNN International, CNN México, AOL News, BBC Radio, the Miami Herald, the Houston Chronicle and the San Diego Union-Tribune, as well as Mexico’s Proceso, El Universal, El Diario, and Rio Doce. She has also appeared as a guest expert on an episode of The History Channel’s “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded,” and has regularly consulted with producers of National Geographic Channel’s “Border Wars” and “Drugs Inc.” series.

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2015 Cattle Raisers Convention Closing General Session Luncheon

Enjoy a great beef meal, relax with friends and family and listen to trail drive history in story and song, during The Swing Riders show, featuring Doc and Mike Blakely.

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