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Find Your TSCRA Special Ranger and Market Inspector

Click on the county or district on the map below to go to a TSCRA district page, where you will find the special ranger and market inspectors who serve that district. If you are an absentee landowner, contact the special ranger who serves the county in which your ranch is located. Click here or scroll down to find your special ranger by county name.

Click on the district to go to that page.

District 1: Harold Dempsey District 12: Toney Hurley District 22: Brent Mast
District 2: Ben Eggleston District 13: Larry Hand District 23: Jimmy Belt
District 3: Brett Wellden District 14: Jimmy Dickson District 24: Tommy Charbula
District 4: Bart Perrier District 15: Marvin Wills District 25: Gary Baros
District 5: John Cummings District 16: Joe B. Roberts District 26: Michael Barr
District 7: Dean Bohannon District 17: Kenny Wadsworth District 27: Emil (Sonny) Seewald
District 8: Scott Williamson District 18: David Duncan District 28: Robin Clark
District 9: John Bradshaw District 19: H.D. Brittain District 29: Roland Garcia
District 10: Wayne Goodman District 20: Kenny Murchison District 30: Steve Martin
District 11: Troy McKinney District 21: Hal Dumas  

District 7 Choose your county from the list and click "go" to find your special ranger or market inspector by county.

Texas Counties

Oklahoma Counties

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association